Donald Trump: the Man Behind the Angles

Trump cartoon_sharp

What does Trump's handwriting tell us about the man? Mike Fuoco interviewed Michelle for a front-page feature in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Presidential signatures. 

What's in a president's signature? Pittsburgh expert says 'a lot!'

For more insights into Trump, and the secrets revealed in his handwriting, read the new Trump chapter in Sex, Lies, and Handwriting.


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Michelle…I heard you this evening on KDKA…I just caught the tail end of th program. You are indeed interesting. Back when you were starting out I was doing talk radio in Ambridge and you would have made a great guest!

I plan to send you a copy of my signature….I saw 5his on your webpage.

What is the cost? I would like to find out about my handwriting as it changes like the wind. It is always clear to read…just it changes all the time.

Thank you!

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