Michelle Dresbold’s paintings are lush, colorful, raw, complex, intriguing, beautiful, and really quite extraordinary. They often appear highly abstract when viewed up close but take a few steps back and you will find yourself drawn into a mysterious landscape infused with natural forms, color, and light.   

She blends sand, hay, glass beads, pumice stone, crushed gems and iridescent pigments into her paint. The element of time is captured on her canvases as the subtle hues change with the reflection of light and the time of day - often adding surprises which can only be seen at certain times of the day or at night.  

Michelle’s work has been shown in the Bregenz Kunst Musem in Bregenz, Austria and in the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA. She is also in many private and corporate collections.

Flowering Desert
Red Mountain
Ocean View
Rebecca's Painting
3 Flower Vases