Dear Michelle: Moving Forward

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Dear Michelle,

I'm constantly being told that my writing is strange. I'm right handed though the writing appears to be written by someone left handed.

I'm 26-years old, working two jobs, separated and raising a young child. I'm kind of depressed and have been that way for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, I think if only I had more money I would be happy. But, I don't even know if that's true.

Please, figure out my issue and why I write this way. Is there a connection between my personality and my writing?
Jane from Eau Clair, Wisconsin

Dear Jane,
Money can't buy you happiness, but then again, neither can poverty (however, with money, you can be miserable in much nicer places)!

Let's take a look at your handwriting and see what's going on. As you mentioned, your handwriting slants back to the left. Did you know, statistically, as many right handed people write with a leftward slant as left handed people?

Both lefties and righties who lean their script to the left pull back emotionally. Left-slanted writers typically come from homes where there is a great deal of conflict and, as children; they learned to be the quiet peace-maker. As adults, left-slanted writers will lean over backwards to avoid confrontation, retreating from any situation that might make them uncomfortable. They feel that they lack control over their lives and repress their own feelings, often saying and doing what they think others want them to say or do.
Here's an exercise that can help you break out of your malaise. When you write, slant your handwriting a little more upright and repeat to yourself, "I am in control. I'm strong and smart and getting stronger and smarter all the time." And as you write, visualize yourself moving forward and developing a whole new slant on life.

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