Dear Michelle: Finding Ms. Right

Ms Right Cover

Dear Michelle,

I wrote you about a year ago. I would imagine that you get a ton of mail each day. I hope that you don’t mind that I’m writing you again.

I think what you do is neat. I’d like for you to analyze my handwriting. I’m a 44 year old single male and write with my right hand (don’t know if that matters.)

My question for you is, “I would really like to find the right woman. Why do I seem to have such a difficult time getting a date and having a relationship?”

Could you please look at my handwriting and tell me what’s going on?

Not Dating in Wilmerding, Pa

Dear Not Dating,            

Three signs you’re on a bad date:                   

  • She asks you to hold her clothes while she mambos with a guy named Mario
  • It’s costing you $4.00 a minute
  • Just as everything’s starting to go great, you’re both asked to return to your cells.

Let’s look at your handwriting and see what’s keeping you from dating Ms. Right.

The lower zone (the lower loops or lower extensions of the letters f, g, j, p, q, y and z) represents your physical, material, and sexual needs, urges and appetites. It reveals how you feel about sex and your body.

Look at the way you wrote your “y’s” in the words “analyze” and “my,” your “z” in the word “analyze”, and your  “g’s” in the words “handwriting” and “right,” Do you notice that your lower loops are squished or non-existent? Your stunted lower zone means that you have a deep fear of sexual intimacy and that you repress your physical desires.  In other words…you’re uptight.

Think about the reasons why getting close might be scary for you (fear of being criticized, being smothered, etc.), then deal with them head on.

Dating should be fun, not scary. After all, dating is a chance to spend time with a potential mate doing all those enjoyable things the two of you will never do again if you actually get married.

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