Dear Michelle: Hear no Evil

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Dear Michelle,

Greetings! I greatly enjoy reading your article every week. I was hoping you could take a look at the enclosed sample of handwriting. The man who wrote this, my father, is sort of a mystery to me. He left my mother, my brother, sister, and me eight years ago. Since then he only contacts us if he wants money. He’s even taken us to court, always demanding more money. He has never faced my brother, sister or me to explain why he left. He seems to run and hide whenever we want to contact him. I really would like to know what his handwriting says about him. Thank you.

Lucille from Marysville, Indiana

Dear Lucille,

Sounds like he’s a mooch and a deadbeat, who likes to hide behind the curtains with his hand out. Let’s take a look your daddy’s handwriting and see what makes this “mysterious” man tick.

First, do you see how your father capitalizes words in a haphazard way? There’s really no pattern to why some of his words begin with a capital letter and others don’t. His random disregard for grammatical structure shows that he believes that rules are meant for everyone, except, of course, for him!

Now, look at how his handwriting increases in size towards the end of his short note. And how he frantically underlines the last few words. This shows that he likes to express his opinion loudly and get in the last word.

But, is he willing to listen? Hello! Think of the letter “e” as an ear. A well-formed “e” means that the writer is a good listener. Look at your Pa’s “e” in the word “more”. Do you see how his “e” is enlarged and distorted? This puffed-up “e” shows that when it comes to listening, your father is full of hot air. He hears only what he wants to hear and not a word more.
So, Lucille, what does your father’s handwriting reveal? That maybe you should consider yourself fortunate that this man of mystery has chosen to write himself out of your family history.

There are a few choice words that describe your father…but why bother? No matter what you’d say he wouldn’t listen anyway!

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