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Johanna's Doodle

This week let’s look at another doodle from the oodles of doodles I’ve received.

This doodle is full of curvy squiggles. You can see many of the soft, wavy lines are repeated. There is a pointed arrow at the end of several of the long, loopy squiggles. Some of the individual doodles resemble the letter “S”.

“S” shaped doodles show intelligence and a love of music and culture.

Most of this doodle is scribbled very lightly in pencil. When a doodler uses a gentle pressure it indicates that the doodler likes beautiful melodic music and prefers soft pastel colors. Most likely you won’t find this doodler at a hard-core rock-and-roll concert with her hair dyed bright orange or neon green.

Curves show a gentle nurturing loving feminine side. Arrows, on the other hand, show a more masculine, “don’t push me around” attitude. This doodler will give and give, but don’t push too hard...

And....what do all those repetitive shapes indicate? Well, I think this doodler is a bit...obsessive.

Feedback from Johanna from Freeport, PA

“You hit the nail on the head with the beautiful colors and pastels. And singing and music always touches my heart. My family is all very musical. Everyone around me is musically talented. And, I think my children would agree that I’m very neat, like things in order and am very organized. And, yes, they probably would say I’m obsessive. Thank you, that was amazing”

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Michelle Dresbold is a nationally known handwriting expert and personality profiler. Are you a doodler? Have a personal question or problem? Mail your doodles and handwritten letters to: The Handwriting Doctor, P.O. Box 1161, Monroeville, PA 15146.

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