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Crossroads Doodle

This simple doodle shows a rather rotund man balancing a weight on his head while standing in front of what looks like railroad tracks.

crossroads doodle

The heavy weight on this little doodle man's head indicates that the doodler has had a lot to think about lately and is carefully weighing the different options. The doodler wants to stay poised while trying to maintain equilibrium in his life.

The tracks, which lie just in front of his feet, reveal that he has come to some kind of crossroads in his life and he's ready to shimmy his little caboose over to the other side.

And the doodle man's Pillsbury-dough-boy physique shows that the doodler may feel that he's eaten one too many cupcakes.

Also, what's that hanging from his hand (or perhaps that is his arm)? It seems to be some sort of stick or cane. And notice that one leg is much thinner than the other. Is our doodler having some sort of leg problem? Let's ask him!

Feed back from Geoffrey from Cleveland, Ohio

"As a rule, I don't doodle. But, I scribbled this little drawing while reading my Wall Street Journal and thought that I would send it to you. I guess I have had a lot to think about lately. I've been an attorney for over twenty years now and I want to change careers. So, I would say I am in a transition. About my weight -- well yes -- I've been trying to lose a few pounds. I'm not really fat, but I've been watching what I eat because I noticed that my pants have gotten a little tighter. And, that's funny that you said that I may have a leg problem. I injured my ankle a few months ago. When you called I had just finished rubbing Ben-Gay on it. You're pretty amazing. Thank you!"

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