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War of Words

When Ann Coulter appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball” in 2007, she was taken by surprise when Chris Matthews took a call from a woman in South Carolina.

Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, had a question for the tall, blonde bomb-thrower. “In the South,” said Edwards, “when someone does something that displeases us we want to ask them politely to stop doing it….On positions-we certainly disagree with nearly everything she said on your show today -- but, uh, it’s quite another matter for these personal attacks that the things she has said over the years not just about John but about other candidates. It lowers our political dialogue precisely at the time we need to raise it. So I want to use the opportunity…to ask her politely to stop the personal attacks.”

Can a man- (and woman-) eating tiger change her stripes?  Let’s see what Ann Coulter’s handwriting has to say.


Look carefully at the “t” crossing in the word “Best” (below).

Do you see how the crossbar thins out to a sharp, stabbing point? People with these “t” bars have piercing tongues. They are critical--- the worst kind of critical. When you least expect it, they cut you down with their sharp words.   

The upper zone, the upper loops of the letters b, d, f, h, k, l, and t, correlates to your head, your ideas, your dreams and your thinking processes. The more closed you make your upper loops---the more rigid and closed-minded you are.

Above: Look at way the first “l” in the word “molecular” is narrow and pinched and the “h” in the words “wishes” and “the” start with a sharp point but have no loop at all. All this points to one narrow minded thinker.

And, finally, notice the “t” in the word “opposite” (above) .  See how the base is split. Visualize this split as the legs of a mule. What won’t a mule do? Budge!

Can Coulter be tamed? As the mule, er, um, I mean tiger, said herself: “I think we heard all we need to hear. The wife of a presidential candidate is asking me to stop speaking. NO!”   

Michelle Dresbold is a nationally known handwriting expert and personality profiler. Are you a doodler? Have a personal question or problem? Mail your doodles and handwritten letters to: The Handwriting Doctor, P.O. Box 1161, Monroeville, PA 15146.

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