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O.J. Simpson Writes with Forked Tongue

The letters “a” and “o” are the communication letters. Think of these letters as little mouths. When a writer’s “a’s” and “o’s” are open at the top, that writer likes to talk, and will find it difficult to keep a secret. When they are completely closed at the top, the writer is someone you can trust to take your secret to the grave. But when a writer’s “a’s” and “o’s” are distorted or unclear, trust not.

Writers with “a’s” and “o’s” that are open at the bottom are bottom feeders who will eat you up and spit you out. They communicate in such a deceptive and distorted way, that nothing they say is believable. Jeffrey Dahmer’s “o’s” and “a’s” were a sign of his voracious appetite for lying.


Slashes through “a’s” and “o’s,” known as forked tongue strokes, are signs of a conniving, scheming liar. Notice the slash in O.J. Simpson’s “O.”


“O’s” or “a’s” that are filled with ink indicate that the writer communicates in dark, muddied ways. Jack the Ripper’s muddied “o’s” in “bloody” convey the darkness of his message.


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