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Classic Arnold (2003)

Recently, 'Ah-nuld' announced that he would enter the race for Governor of California.

I met Arnold Schwarzenegger at a gym in New York City. I stood behind him in the elevator and thought, "This guy really looks like Arnold…but nay… It couldn't be…could it?" Then Arnold started to talk. "You are him!" I said. "Of course," he said, "who else would I be?"


So what does the signature of this Austrian farm boy turned millionaire-politician – who won three Mr. Universe titles, seven Mr. Olympia titles, kicked butt in more than forty films, and married a Kennedy – say about him?

First notice the "l" in Arnold. Do you see how the loop is tight, pointed and squeezed at the top? It resembles a flame. Flame strokes occur in the handwriting of people who put tremendous pressure on themselves to succeed. Usually people with flame strokes grew up in families where "good" just wasn't good enough. Arnold's father, the police chief in Graz, Austria, was strict and demanding.

And do you see the letter that resembles a "p" in "Schwarzenegger"? It's really the letter "g" in reverse. Could Arnold be like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Auguste Rodin, George Patton, and Woodrow Wilson -- all believed to have been dyslexic?

Also notice that Arnold's handwriting is very angular. An angular script shows that the writer lacks softness (and I don't mean simply in his physique). Angular writers are sharp, disciplined thinkers when it comes to business. However, in interpersonal relationships, they can be critical, opinionated, and rigid. Perhaps that is why, as rumor has it, Arnold forbids his wife, Maria Shriver, to wear trousers (I can just hear Arnold saying to Maria: "No, honey, YOU wear zee dresses, and I wear zee pants!")

Until the next Handwriting Doctor column…. hasta la vista, baby!!!

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