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Michael Jackson

The "King of Pop", Michael Jackson, will be remembered for his music, moonwalk and mystifying personal life. Let's see what his handwriting reveals about his HIStory.

You can tell a lot from a single letter, especially when that letter is the personal pronoun I. The I is the most significant letter in the English alphabet because it signifies the self. Your I reflects how you feel about yourself on a personal level. Look at Michael's personal pronoun "I" from a single paragraph in his writing.

Multiple identities crisis

Do you see how it varies from cursive to print and from large to small? Michael's ever changing "I" reflects his unstable constantly changing self-image.

In the sample below, look at the lower loops of the words "for" and “forth”.

Does that shape remind you of anything?

Phallic symbols

Jackson often embedded phallic symbols in his handwriting. Phallic symbols in handwriting are a sign that the writer is obsessed with sex and has vivid erotic fantasies. Often, writers with phallic symbols in their writing can only attain sexual pleasure when indulging in extremely unconventional practices.

Also, you may notice that Michael signed the note with teeny "M. J." initials. Michael's small initials show that at the time he wrote this (in 1987) Jackson felt small and wanted to retreat from the public eye. Compare these tiny initials to his large signatures, which indicate an inflated ego.

The signatures below are from a letter Jackson wrote in 1987 (left) and from his 2002 will (right).

Two signatures
    • In both signatures, the second hump of the “M” is taller, which indicates a fear of being ridiculed. Even though his signature has changed, this trait is constant.
    • High upper zones show a writer who is reaching for the top and has a vivid imagination; however, if the upper zone becomes overly exaggerated, as in the 2002 signature, it can be a sign that the vivid imagination has turned into paranoia.
    • Both signatures contain "X's" where they don't belong. X'ing in a signature shows self-destructive (sometimes suicidal) tendencies.

Michelle Dresbold is a nationally known handwriting expert and personality profiler. Are you a doodler? Have a personal question or problem? Mail your doodles and handwritten letters to: The Handwriting Doctor, P.O. Box 1161, Monroeville, PA 15146.

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